Building from the Ground Up

I have been able to experience so much at this internship. There is so much I didn’t know before that I have had the opportunity to understand. I originally considered my internship to be in the finance industry, in reality, its more in the startup category. I’m actually rather glad because the startup world is something that has always been a mystery to me. You here about it all the time, these big companies coming out of nowhere, but to really see the roots of a company is an awesome experience. There is some finance sprinkled into my internship, but the heavy lifting is obviously not something I deal with, especially since its all in Chinese. I’ve gotten the opportunity to handle more of the company building and development. It’s really amazing how much work is put into making a dream come true in terms of creating your own company.

If I were to perform a SWOT analysis on the company I would have to say it would be quite interesting, because the company is so relatively new. The strengths of the company would definitely be that they are attempting to bring a product that China really needs, but no one is paying any attention to. Another strength would be the employees, because even though the team is small, they are all talented and very smart. The weakness of the company is probably that they are still relatively small and are still trying to gain leverage. They are also trying to build a software foundation; therefore, they really need to search for more people that specialize in computer science. They have a lot of finance and accounting people, but they need the programmers. I think the fact that they are bringing in American ideas into the Chinese market to help it adapt is a great opportunity. The market is unsaturated and open to disruption. The threat to the company is the fact that the software they are trying to build would go against some the older software and ERP’s that are already in place. They could face some opposition when launching this on a big scale.

I think  its hard to tell where this company will go since its still early, but the talent and ideas are all there. I think they have potential and really could make a product that could really change the accounting landscape in China. They just must make sure that their product is strong and have to gain leverage fast. They must work extremely hard and fast now, but I guess that’s what a startup is.

Alan city

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