The Optimistic Student Once Again

My internship continues to get better with experience. Lantai Partners is a very welcoming group of people, as I have so adamantly mentioned in the past few posts. The most challenging part of my internship has to be my inability to speak Chinese and understand the original intentions of contracts. Although the international law department functions primarily in English, many of the contracts are first written in Chinese, and then roughly translated into English with either some sort of translation service or by one of our interns. The problem then comes down to the grammatical and vocabulary issues on a very specific level. For me, this issue can be very dramatic, as I can be dealing with a multi-million-dollar contract with very intricate specifications and stipulations. I constantly feel pressure to improve myself and the work that I am producing, but it is very difficult to improve without understanding the original language of the contract.

My supervisor’s greatest strength is definitely her wisdom and patience. Helen teaches me every day about the importance of details, diligence, understanding, and empathy. These are areas that I have not embraced throughout my life, although I attempt to push myself and grow every single day. My newly-acquired strengths are those of a good student: willingness to learn and optimism. Although I lost the optimism that once defined my personality during the duress of my first year of college, I deem that my outlook has once again become very youthful once more, thus increasing my desire to take in as much knowledge as possible. My extroverted personality has also facilitated growth in my personal and professional lives, helping me network and learn a lot about law and China as a country. My coworkers love to learn about me as well, and have taken me out to lunch multiple times to better understand my cultural practices and teach me their own.

My favorite parts of the internship have been the company’s acceptance of my personality and their dedication to my education. This comes with my supervisor, my fellow interns in the international law department, and lawyers throughout Lantai. Every day, there is something new to be learned from both my perspective and another person’s, and all of the people at Lantai want to participate in one another’s education. This internship is providing me with a very positive background in not just law, but in my human growth. I am very grateful to be with such wonderful people at Lantai Partners and to once again become optimistic because of this company.


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