Relating To My Major

The current relationship with my supervisor and co-workers could not be any better in my opinion.  From the start of my internship they have all been welcoming and made the assimilation process of working in a new environment very easy on me.  It seems that with time as we have all been able to get to know each other that our relationships have grown stronger.  It is common for a group of us to grab lunch together during the week, on multiple occasions we have even gone out for dinner after work.

Chira, my supervisor, has been of great help ever since my first day in the office.  From day one she has worked on helping develop my own professional skills and experience in my major area of  information systems & operations management.  She has taught me a lot about project management and how I could develop technical skills working in her department at MullenLowe Profero.  From what my supervisor has told me, the work that I have completed up to this point would be things that commonly appear again in the future when working in the information technology realm of business.  This was something I was seeking in an internship here in Beijing, not only did I want the experience of working in an international firm but I was hoping to gain valuable work experience that I could use again sometime in the future at another company potentially.

In my opinion the most challenging aspect of my internship has been times during which there is nothing to work on.  This will happen sometimes when our office is working on a particular project.  When our agency is waiting on another branch of MullenLowe Profero, usually the London or New York offices, to relay work to our office there are times in which no one has anything to work on.  This is common being that we are an international company that operates during different hours being in different time zones.  Other than gaining work experience that will benefit myself in future interviews and job roles within the IT field of business, the best feature of my internship is the people I have the opportunity of working with and getting to know.

Jake Soho

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