Nothing Good is Easy

The relationship that I have with my coworkers is probably one of the better things that like about my internship. Other than my boss, my supervisor, and I, there are two other employees. One has been in the field of accounting for some time now, working with KPMG and other companies, the other is a newly college graduate working on her CPA. Both have been very welcoming and have been always trying to make me feel more comfortable. In terms of strength, both seem to have a strong background in accounting and are far more educated than me. My strength is that I am relatively new to this field. This is a strength because for the software that they are trying to build they want to design it in a way that is easy to use for everyone. This is allowing me to have a fresh outlook on the mission that they are trying to complete.

The most difficult aspect of this internship has taking on the assignments that I am being given. Some of the task I have been given are extremely time crunched, while other task are beyond anything I have experienced before. When I was given the task of creating a first of the dashboard for the new software I was really taken aback. Not only was the software I was using something I have never touched in my life, but I was also expected to create something from scratch. It was very stressful, but with the help of my supervisor and other people on the team I could come up with something that my boss was quite satisfied with.

The best feature of this internship must be the people I get to work with. Their personalities are very genuine, and they have been very helpful throughout this process. Talking to them during breaks is one of things I look forward to most every day. I also have come to appreciate the fact that I actually get the opportunity to learn so much during this internship. I know situations where people don’t have much to do during their internship, and at first, I envied that. Now I know that the whole point of this experience is to learn skills that could be valuable.

Alan Hall

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