My Beijing Laboratory

At this point, we are more than half way through our internship in Beijing. A lot has happened since we got here. Everyday, I get to meet new people and experience new things. The bulk of it come from the company that I intern at. Even though I still lack the knowledge needed to fully utilize the resource available to me at work, the experience there as an intern continue to be positive and I am learning new ways to put my skills and knowledge to use.

In the office, my job is to assist my colleagues with whatever job they require help with. It could be something as simple as looking up for a social media post or as complex as writing an industry report on global market and consumers. Of course, as an intern, I am not as equipped to accomplish certain tasks, and my colleagues understand it. When faced with a difficult tasks that I cannot do on my own, I let my supervisor know immediately about my limitation and what I need help with; then from there, I can work with my colleagues to figure out what we can do together to finish the project. Personally, I excel at finding raw data from the internet and polishing the final product. What happens in between is something that my colleagues and I work together with. For example, for the report that I am working on, I was responsible for finding the sources for the information and working on the general layout and design for the report. My colleague would help me analyze the data and extract the needed information.

The most challenging aspect of my job continues to be the language barrier. It is not uncommon that sometimes I would complete a task to a wrong specification because of the lack of clear communication. However, things are looking to improve weeks by weeks as the company begins to recognize my strength and assign appropriate tasks that would fit my capabilities. I have also recognized the general gist of what my task entails and the communication style that my colleagues and supervisor employ. My performance is still not quite where I want it to be but it is definitely heading toward the right direction.

My colleague’s acceptance of my mistakes and understanding of my capabilities is what make this internship experience enjoyable for me. They recognize that I am not perfect and that I may need some assistance in my job, but at the same time they have set out some clear expectation from me. This creates a safe environment for me to continue developing the require skills to succeed in my job and future endeavors.

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