Life as an Intern: Joys and Challenges

I think one of the main things we struggle with is jumping from project to project without finishing a task. That makes me feel very unorganized but our strengths come into play when we’re all collaborating on ideas. I think each of us are creative in our way and detailed oriented so when we are working on completing a project it comes out being great.

The most challenging aspects of my internship is the language barrier. My supervisor speaks English fluently but the rest our team primarily speaks Chinese. We had a meeting regarding a trip we planned for the Pingo Club kids and Sophie presented the entire presentation in Chinese. They also asked questions and gave feedback in Chinese so I couldn’t answer any questions or have an engaging conversation with them about the ideas myself, Sophie and Marsha came up with for the trip.

One of my responsibilities in my position as a marketing intern includes interviewing and writing articles about users of the app. Thus, some of the best features of my internship include meeting those people. Some of my aspirations include becoming an entrepreneur one and starting my own business so it’s a joy to meet people that are doing things that I one day want to do. Both of my supervisors are entrepreneurs so I also look up to them and receive all the advice I can get from them.

The picture I submitted is an image of me and my supervisors at a gym called Superfit. We attended a class there and then decided to do some boxing before we left. I think it’s important to build a relationship with your employees outside of work and so far, they have done a great job with doing that with me.

Tania Boxing

Tania Yoga

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