Finding Peace in Ambiguity

After a Month of working at Hatchery, I have started to get a concrete picture of my responsibilities and my place in the organization. Outside of this, I have also started to develop an understanding of how the company works as a whole and what part each worker has to play.

I believe that my working relationship with my supervisor is good, in that it is easy to approach him, and he often tries to include me in some aspects of the business that do not necessarily concern my work, but are helpful to my personal development of understanding startup businesses. I both an good and enjoy research, so I feel that I am being utilized well in that respect, although it may be a bit boring at times. I also feel that I may be a bit underutilized in the interpersonal aspects of the job, however it is understandable that I wouldn’t be active in these portions of the work as a temporary intern.

With respect to my coworkers, there are not too many that I would consider my peers, so there is not too much interaction on that front. From time to time I will be asked to do something else for someone like an assistant manager or the marketing director, but for the most part my work is quite solitary. It seems that outside the actual food prep business the workplace environment is usually one person to a project with little interaction anyway so I don’t feel that my experience is too out of the norm for Hatchery.

I would say that the lack of direction is on of the most challenging aspects of my internship. However as challenging as setting my own goals is, it is quite nice to find my own way, so in a sense this is also the aspect of work that I find the most fulfilling.

Christian spinner

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