Beers With The Family – It’s Work

My supervisor Marina is awesome. She is half French and half Chinese, speaking 4 different languages. I believe that my supervisor and myself have a friendly, yet professional relationship. The first day she wanted to get to know me and also introduced herself to me as well. She gives me many tasks and is very friendly when I have questions about these projects. Marina has worked for the company for around 3 years and is very knowledgeable about all the brands that she in charge of. Her strengths include multi-tasking, organization, negotiation, and communication. She works very well with other clients with planning and communicating their objectives. My other coworkers are also very cool. All of them are friendly and welcoming. One of them is an intern as well named Dillon. Dillon is a super sweet recent graduate. He is a sales man and takes us out to lunch all the time. His strength includes sales, communication, hard work ethic, and determination. Overall, all of my coworkers are awesome individuals. Marina is also a very awesome supervisor and has taught a lot about the industry already.

The most challenging aspect of my internship is easily the language barrier. A lot of the resources that Marina gives me is unfortunately in Chinese. Google translate can only take you so far because it is not always a hundred percent accurate. A lot of the words need context in order to get the correct word. Therefore, a lot of the words I need to analyze and figure out myself. A lot of the stock and inventory purchase plans are entirely in Chinese. If I were to understand Chinese, I would be able to finish the project within an hour or so. But because I cannot understand Chinese it takes a little longer. This has taught me to be more detail oriented and resourceful. I had to learn how to adapt to something I do not initially understand and be more cognizant of what exactly I am looking at. Challenges are meant to make you better.

The best feature of my internship is definitely the family atmosphere. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. There is a lot of collaboration and open dialogue. A lot of people like to communicate with each other so it is rarely ever quiet except for the morning when everyone is coming into work. The industry is also a cool benefit. There is a lot of sampling and free beer that we can take home. Also the premium snacks are also a plus.

Kevin tower

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