Teaming Up to Stay On Task

My relationship with my supervisor is a strong one, which was built through working together on various assignments, and going out to lunch. The main assignment that I worked with my supervisor on was attempting to translate a 26 page, very confusing PDF describing a wine company from Chinese to English. We succeeded, and gained a significantly better understanding of the wine company than we would have if we were working alone, because we utilized both of our strengths. My supervisor’s main strengths were her advanced skill in understanding both Chinese and English to a very high degree, and her knowledge of various financial definitions. My main strengths pertaining to that assignment were my good understanding of different business terms and practices, as well as my math skills. Together, we were able to add value for the executives by providing them with an in-depth analysis of this new company they may invest in.

Liam and I have been able to produce great work each time we are given a task because we have a good understanding of each other’s strengths. While working on our latest analysis of an investment project, we played into my strength by having me write the various paragraphs that required specific explanations, and played into Liam’s strength by having him write the various paragraphs that required more colorful and detailed writing.

One of the main reasons why I am enjoying my internship so much is due to the comradery in the office. At most, there are only six people working in the office on any given day, but everybody is nice and friendly and really creates a positive working environment. Along with that, I have formed a tight bond with Liam. As roommates and co-workers, we are together for much of the day. Although we get on each other’s nerves sometimes, most of the time we operate very well together and bring out the best in each other. Our budding friendship has led to both of us learning a lot and performing very well in our internship, and has led to me further appreciating my time in China.

Other great features of my internship include: learning first-hand how Chinese culture and business are intertwined, expanding my mind with new investment projects, and trying great Chinese food every day for lunch.

Despite all the great parts of my internship, there have been some challenges. The main challenge has been the language barrier. Although my supervisor knows English fairly well, the executives do not know English that well, and communicating can be an issue at times. To combat this issue, I have utilized Pleco, Google Translate, and various other English-Chinese translating apps. Another challenge is that often times, the executives are not present in the office, and Liam and I are the only ones in the office doing work pertaining to the company. During times like these, Liam and I set a strict deadline for when we must get an assignment done, and follow it at all costs, even if it requires us to stay late that day. This has led to me becoming more independent, and cutting down on my procrastination.

(A company we visited to see if it would make for a good investment)

Jacob H investment.jpg

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