What is Pingo Club?

One of the things the company I am working for started last year was an organization called Pingo Club. The purpose of Pingo Club is to teach Chinese students topics and subjects they do not traditionally learn in school to provide them with a diverse experience. They also serve to prepare interested students to go to America. Some of the topics include Sports, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music, Culture and Health. One of my roles for this project is to design a new curriculum that can be implemented in their current education system. This responsibility connects with their mission because it is indirectly connecting these Chinese students to the American experience. Allowing them to immerse themselves in a different culture and begin to learn more on what they are interested in.

Some of things I want to learn and accomplish in my current role over the last few weeks includes marketing techniques, trends within China and how Pingo Space and Pingo Club actively find ways to follow those trends and actively target  potential customers.

My goals for this trip is to implement a new idea the company can continually use and learn more about marketing as a whole. By being the lead of creating the new curriculum for Pingo Club, it gives the perfect opportunity for me to be innovative and possibly implement an idea they can use in the long run.

Tania Vacation

Pingo Space tries to create a community among users of the app, so we host events users can attend to network and engage with each other. On this day, we went to Behai park and enjoyed a boat ride around the park.

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