Venture On

As I have touched on before, the project I have been working on since starting at ITCCC has been under the space science curriculum design sector. My project was Mr. Mao’s idea, though the woman who actually creates the curriculum has been overseeing me. The science project lesson plans I read and summarize are used for a variety of grades, ranging from 2nd-12th grade. My ability to read the English lesson plans quickly and efficiently is very helpful for the company because it would take a non-speaker much longer to go through the many lessons. In this way, I will also be helpful when it comes to reading the 40-page International Space Settlement Design Competition projects. While I have no doubt that my coworkers are capable of reading such projects, I believe I will help with speed. My only concern is that I do not know much about the subject, so we will see how that goes.

It’s hard to believe we only have four and a half weeks left. In that time I mostly hope to continue building my relationships with coworkers. Even though the work I have been doing does not particularly apply to my future career, the people I have met and talk to each day make the experience well worth it. Of course, being at a company that works in education I would love to go visit a Chinese school at some point. I will need to ask Mr. Mao about this and see if it is possible. One of my goals coming into this was to gain confidence in adaptability and problem-solving in an unfamiliar setting and I believe that I have achieved this. Being in a huge city without speaking the language is intimidating, but I am now confident that I can handle a less than ideal situation. For example, this past weekend a few of us, none of whom speak Mandarin, managed to find our way to a semi-difficult to reach place. Not only did we succeed, but we had an amazing experience that none of us will ever forget. Beyond these goals, I am happy to do whatever I can to benefit ITCCC and look forward to future projects and adventures.

Kaila Bungee

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