Quantum Crypto-whaaat?

During my second week here at SPRG I have been working on an individual presentation on social media analysis. I have narrowed down the top seven social media campaigns over the past two years and created a presentation to show my team how Western companies utilize social media to engage their target audience. I specifically stated the main platform each campaign used as well as the numerical outcome of the campaigns. The purpose of the presentation was to see how each company was able to integrate their ideas through multiple platforms—a task SPRG struggled with in their recent project with Cheerios. From the information I gathered, I created several key points each campaign incorporated throughout all platforms, so when the team takes these ideas and applies them to the Chinese social media landscape, the greatest amount of people will be exposed to the content across all Chinese applications.

SPRG has also been working with OneCoin, a Chinese based cryptocurrency that has recently gotten shut down by the government, so I have been conducting market research on cryptography and its relation to Onecoin and other cryptocurrencies. With this information we will create a new WeChat account to serve as a platform of communication for relating topics to digital currency such as blockchain, mining, as well as international cryptocurrency trends; the goal is to eventually reestablish OneCoin’s image and re-create their WeChat account. I had little to no knowledge on this topic, so learning about a trend that is becoming so successful was very interesting to discover and I will be sure to keep tabs on its international progress (and impress my parents with my limited knowledge on quantum cryptography).

For the remaining time I am here at SPRG I want to continue to learn more about marketing in an international setting by being able to distinguish and understand methods of promoting and selling products that SPRG is working to on. I will complete this by reviewing projects that everyone is working on and contribute in any way that is helpful. I also wish to expand my professional network by continuing to gain trust in my coworkers and supervisor, which I will do by assisting whenever they may need help with English or making generated content more professional.

When I spoke with my supervisor about my goals, we set up a time each week to check-in and review what I have already accomplished and what I still need to accomplish. I made it very clear that I wanted constructive criticism on how I can improve the work I am producing and enhance it to become more professional. Due to the significant lag time I experienced the past week to receive work, I also asked my supervisor to have weekly projects for me to complete for times when there is not work to contribute to team projects. Overall, I am very happy where I am working and I am confident I will achieve my goals while here this summer.

While acclimating to my work schedule, I have also been getting accustomed to my commute and to keep my trek from the bus to the subway more interesting I have been trying street food. Though I have no idea what I am eating (most of the time) I haven’t had anything that isn’t delicious. Hopefully that doesn’t change, but like so many other things in China you never know what you’re really getting when you buy something, especially off the streets.

Brittany drink

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