Rising To The Challenge

The day we arrived at China Capital, we were given our first assignment. We were told to write a company and industry overview about each of the top ten largest Chinese companies that are publicly traded in America. After we swiftly completed the assignment, we realized that the assignment was probably given to us to help us learn, and not necessarily be used to help the company, so we decided to go above and beyond. Along with the company and industry overview, we added the competitive advantage for each of the firms. We believed that maybe we would offer a perspective of any of the companies that China Capital did not originally think of, and add value to the company.

After that project, we were given another assignment mainly for our learning rather than the companies benefit. The assignment was to research some of the wealthiest financial families in history, and write an overview as well as two case studies on their investments. Over the past two weeks we have worked on this 23-page assignment. On Friday, the executive of the company returned from his two-week long business trip, and sent us a 45-slide pdf regarding a company that China Capital is thinking of investing in. We will be visiting the company within next week, and we will have the opportunity to provide our advice and possibly write a report to help China Capital make this investment decision.

Although the first two and a half weeks of the internship were mainly focused on our personal learning, it seems like we have proven ourselves and shown that we have the potential to add value to the company, and will begin receiving work directly related to the company. This is very exciting and has helped paint a clearer picture of what I would like to accomplish during the remainder of my internship. Over the next four weeks, I would like to learn how an investment bank operates, and what drives the investment decisions they make. Additionally, I want to directly help drive an investment decision. For example, through intensive research, I want to find different reasons why the company will be successful, and want China Capital to take my research into account when investing.

I think the best strategy for accomplishing my goals would just be to ask a lot of question, and work very hard to prove that I can add value. Yesterday, Liam and I had dinner with the executive of the company and his family. Throughout the course of the dinner, when the opportunity presented itself, I made sure to ask a ton of questions about China Capital and investing in general. I will continue to employ this strategy throughout the rest of the internship and hopefully learn a lot with it. Also, Liam and I have stayed at least an hour after work on many occasions during the internship. Hopefully, staying late as well as producing great work will show our bosses that we are capable of adding value, and well help me achieve my goals.

[This photo is from the restaurant we ate at]


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