Rejection isn’t Failure. Persistence is Success

Currently, I am working on a project that provides market data for a client. The client wants my team and I to evaluate the size of specific sections of the animal feed industry  by estimating their USD value throughout Southeast Asia. My job specifically, is to handle all of Indonesia and Thailand. This means that I have to make numerous cold calls to people in these two countries who work in the industry and try to see if they have a guess on how big these areas are. It is more difficult than one may think, as I have called multiple people and only a very small handful have been able to provide reliable data.

Most people I talk to either tell me to send them an email, which means they don’t want to talk, or they hang up. I now have an understanding of what it feels like to be a salesperson. One may receive 100 rejections before one is interested in buying. I’ve learned that persistence is key in business and rejection does not mean failure. I’ll be honest, the first full week calling people left me feeling upset and angry, but now I don’t mind it as it is part of my job and I must keep going forward.

I will need to keep up with the calling and make sure I talk to as many people as I can. Besides work, this past weekend many of us visited Sanlitun and hung out at their many restaurants and bars such as Migas and The Tree. It was a great way for us to experience Beijing life while being able to unwind and catch up about everyone’s week. Migas was especially fun as we stayed on the rooftop and watched the skyline till we left and ate pizza. I wish I could do this every day, but the show must go on and those phone calls won’t make themselves. Overall, work has had its ups and downs and even though I would prefer to do something other than making cold calls, I appreciate the experience and I look forward to the future.

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