Questions Lead to Answers

It has been 3 weeks since I started at the company and it’s been such an interesting experience. I have been given amazing responsibilities that have been important for the progression in the company. The first task I was given was to create the investor pitch deck that is supposed to help the company gain investors and capital for their future goals. It has been a daunting task to complete, seeing as my boss place a high importance on the completion of this project. It has also been difficult to really understand what my boss wants to present. My second responsibility is the development of the dashboard layout for the new software program that my company is preparing. Even though I am a finance major I have had to combine a lot of my finance knowledge with some Information Systems knowledge that I did not have beforehand. This has been extremely hard, but I know this project is very important in the progression of the company.

Seeing as there is only four more weeks in this internship I want to complete my task, but also learn something from all of this. One thing I hope to learn is more about the startup world. My company itself is a startup and primarily works with startups. The world of startups has always been a curious one for me. We all hear about Silicon Valley, but rarely get the chance to understand what it takes to move from startup to IPO. The opportunity to see it firsthand and in China where the startup market has been growing is an awesome experience. I also want to be able to accomplish a great project to turn into my boss. I know what my assignments mean to this company, so it would be very nice to turn in something that I can be proud of and actually benefit the company.

In terms of completing my goals, I want to work more closely with my supervisor and co-workers. I know there is so much I can learn from them, and I know their input will really help create better results in my projects. I have been better about going to my supervisor when I have questions. I tend now to work more closely with other people at the company and benefiting from what they know. When I have questions about what to put on the software, I ask others with new and fresh ideas. If they say something in a meeting I don’t know, I ask them directly and they explain right away. This has allowed me to learn so much more outside of stuff that is a classroom. I’m just look forward to getting more information that I need in the future.


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