Lost (And Found) in Translation

Even though this has been mentioned so many times before, time is definitely going faster and faster as the weeks go by. It has officially been a month since we have arrived in Beijing! We have done so much in such a short amount of and there is not one day when I don’t wake up and wonder what exciting thing I will be doing for today. Through my internship, I am able to gain an insight into the Chinese working culture and learn many great things that will be applicable for my future.

As an intern at Beijing 99 Interactive Entertainment, my job is rather ambiguous, reflecting on the nature of Chinese work culture. Currently, I am not assigned to a specific project or task, but I am assisting other employees with their own projects. As an integrated marketing company, Beijing 99 is responsible for a wide range of services for its clients, resulting in a variety of projects. In the past few weeks, I have been involved in social media marketing, event planning, and market research. Each of these tasks have made an impact in the different projects in which they were assigned to. By exposing myself to a variety of different tasks, I will be able to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are in a professional environment.

Coming in to this internship, I did have some goals that I set out for myself for the first month. On top of the usual gaining workplace experience and communication skills, I aimed to create a bond with my colleagues. To do this, I made the initiatives to get to know what my colleagues do and who they are as people outside of the office. Despite my efforts, the language barrier still poses as a huge challenge for me. There are only a handful of people at the office who can speak English at a proficient level. To get through this, I usually go to lunch with a group of people and enlist my supervisor’s helps in getting to know them. It does take some time and effort to do so, but I look forward to discovering new things about my colleagues and learn more from them in the near future.

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