Law & Badminton – A Whole New World

Lantai Partners is a very inclusive law firm, in my opinion. Lawyers, interns, and even partners from other departments have shown great interest in not only my well-being, but also my education in Chinese culture. My responsibilities in the company have been predominantly contract-based, which is good, because I am in the International Law department. I have been utilized due to my proficiency in English, especially due to the lack of English-dominant speakers in this department. In law, if one word is slightly incorrect or misspelled, a great deal of issues can arise, especially in dispute negotiation. I feel a lot of pressure due to this, because I am the one who is supposed to catch all of these errors and improve upon them in contracting. However, I have realized that this is what the pressure of practicing law is like on an every-day basis, and it is helping me realize the profession into which I am involving myself.

I want to learn as much as possible at Lantai. I love trying lots of new things, which is contrary to how I have been for the duration of my life. A large part of this internship, for me, is to explore the field of law from a non-investigative standpoint. My general reason for doing a Criminology and Law major was originally to become an investigator, either for a local police force or potentially the FBI. Recently though, I joined the pre-law area as well, just to explore my future options. I took this internship to not only explore the world in an intimate manner, but to help me create a path for my life. This is a big part of what I want to learn during the duration of my internship. Additionally, I would like to explore which area of law would fit my interests best, and to work firsthand with other departments to accomplish this goal. Lastly, I want to see if China is a place where I could spend a good portion of my life. The culture of China is so unique, so beautiful, and still in very rapid development, and I want to experience as much of it as possible.

My strategy to accomplish these goals, as discussed with many of the people around me, including my supervisor, is to experience as much as I can. Albeit with friends, coworkers, acquaintances, or anybody in the middle, trying new things is the best way to accomplish pretty much all of these goals. I like to explore things with my friends, act weird (as pictured), play sports, go to Beijing Gu’oan soccer games, and live life to the fullest. I am going to play badminton with work friends on Wednesday, and discuss all kinds of law with them. I am going to work with my newfound friends in various departments to find out if areas like civil law, bankruptcy law, and various others would fit my personality well. I am going to continue to edit contracts with my supervisor, and go into Chinese court soon in order to see if it is an environment that fits my desires. Basically, I am just going to do as much as I can in the short time that I have. My supervisor has helped me find new things, new people, and new places in order to expand my horizons, and I think I will continue to do this not only in China, but also in the duration of my life.

Collin hand

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