CMS’s, SOW’s, & Functional Specifications

Up to this point in my internship I have been lucky enough to be included in working on some of MullenLowe Profero’s largest projects.  My supervisor has willingly delegated numerous tasks and allowed me to collaborate with other members of our department on the company’s current focus, that being the Keiser Permanente project of Maui Memorial Hospital.

One of the responsibilities I have collaborated with our project management team to work on includes dealing with multiple CMS platforms to help build the website for Maui Memorial Hospitals.  These CMS platforms include WordPress, Umbraco, and Merlin project management software.  A CMS platform, or content management software, is an application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content.  This type of software is useful when working in digital marketing, it enables MullenLowe Profero to build websites for other companies in regards to setting up the layout and presentation of each page on the new website.

Besides working on CMS platforms to build each website for a new client, I have also been tasked with enhancing websites in other ways.  These tasks include creating functional specifications, working on content population, preparing a statement of work which is also known as a SOW, correcting grammatical mistakes, and collaborating with other members of our company on Cisco Spark.  Though I may not work in a digital marketing agency per say after college, each of these tasks and responsibilities I have been delegated will in fact benefit me when deciding to work in the information technology realm of business.

It is evident I want to develop my professional experience in the IT field while working in my current role, but I would also like to learn more about digital marketing in a foreign environment even if I end up working in another realm of business in the future.  In addition to this, I would hope that I develop my interpersonal skills in a foreign setting so that I will take plenty of knowledge and experience from this opportunity and be able to apply this to my future career.  My supervisor has said she would like to familiarize me with the company’s digital projects and the clients they work with, in addition to introducing me to the foundations of project management and the different phases of a project in order to help me reach my goals and benefit from my experience here at MullenLowe Profero.

Jake City

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