Business in China is a Family Affair

After a long two week business trip in Shenzhen, the executives from my company, China Capital, finally returned to the office. We met with them and received positive feedback on our first assignment. Our boss, Liang An, invited us for a nice day out with his family, in which we played basketball, met his sons and wife, and even had a nice dinner. It was a great opportunity to get to know him better. Additionally, we got to experience Chinese hospitality first-hand. Seeing a full family with a teenager and a young child introduced me to the Chinese family dynamic, and allowed me to relate much more to the local culture than by just talking to people on the street. I saw how families live and spend their weekends, and they fell into typical family roles–the teenager had his headphones on for much of the time, and the seven year old was giggling during dinner. It was also very productive–we got to question Mr. Liang about the company and its typical clients. We learned much more, including the fact that China Capital typically invests in restaurants, but provides mostly funding, not advice.

I think this experience went well, because since then, our boss Liang An has given us more work that relates to the mission of the company of finding reliable investments. We have been given a lengthy PDF about a Chinese hardware, FionTu, to analyze. China Capital is considering investing in this company, and it is up to us to help research it and investigate its history. Our findings may help determine whether or not China Capital invests in this company. An issue is that all information available is in Chinese, and thus far, we have not been able to find a tool to reliably translate our PDF.

This experience has changed my goals for this internship. I hope to become better at researching companies to analyze investment opportunities. Regardless of any language barrier, I hope to learn how I can understand foreign economies and how businesses operate there. Additionally, I would like to find tools that can help, such as a reliable document translator. Additionally, buy the end of this internship, I expect to have a stronger understanding of what tangible qualities investors look for in businesses that they will invest in, and how the decision is reached.

On Monday, I will have an extended conversation with the boss on developing strategies to reach my goals for the rest of this internship. I already have some ideas of how I will achieve these goals, however. I will continue to work closely with Jacob, my co-intern, on analyzing documents and businesses. We have different skill sets and will notice different things in our research, so when we put our heads together, we will collectively find more trends and understand investment decisions better. I will also continue to be inquisitive and ask about the company and how investment decisions are made, just like I was at dinner with Liang An. Furthermore, I have decided to read more news sources and investment news such as Bloomberg to keep up to date with events that affect investment decisions, and see how that comes into play with China Capital’s investment decisions.

Photo: from our nice dinner with Liang An!

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