My Unique Value Proposition

This week was a solid week at the office. On several occasions, my supervisor Charles let me in on important meetings and other functions of the company that really gave me some more insight on what the company does and how I can fit myself into the system and mission. I was able to listen in on a meeting about the marketing plan for Wordsearch as a whole and how we can increase our traffic for the Beijing office specifically. After the meeting, I felt like I could put my Marketing degree to more use than I have been and I plan to be a lot more active working with the marketing assistant to help drive a presence for our office. For example, I plan to develop an outline to increase our search engine results through search engine optimization. I also want to create a plan to further our WeChat page. These aspects are important to the growth and awareness of our brand, and will hopefully contribute to an increase in clients. I am the only person besides my supervisor with a marketing degree so I feel like that gives me a strong advantage at this office.

For my last four weeks, I want to learn much more about the industry and also apply my degree to a real world situation. Charles has already given me a lot of insight on real estate, architecture and planning and a basis for the ways that I can continue my education and career after this trip. With that knowledge, I can also make an impact on my office because I will have a functional knowledge of the actual product we are trying to sell – buildings. I believe many of my coworkers focus on the design part and less on the information behind it, so I can help with the branding through my curiosity. I am also excited to start working on this marketing plan and putting my degree into motion while making a big impact on my company.

I talked to my supervisor on Friday and we had a good conversation about ways I can accomplish my goals. He told me about the concept of placemaking, which combines  architecture, planning and real estate and considers the necessity of a development for the common good. I now have the term for a concept I am really interested and I would not have figured that out without this experience. I will also be working with the marketing assistant who will guide me and keep me on the track so we can develop a strong marketing plan.

Tessa star



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