A Tourist in a Tourism Company

As a college student, I have learned about the latest trends in the industry through my coursework. As an intern, I learned about  industry through hands-on experience at my company.

Because of my knowledge of generational and contemporary trends, I have provided advice about the cutting-edge industry concepts and useful academic knowledge that could be implemented in Century Elephants. In the current projects I am working on, I am using my youthful insight to provide sound advice about  current trends in the U.S advertisement and tourism industry.

I am currently reviewing and providing constructive criticism for Chinese adverts which are hoping to appeal to U.S consumers. I think the constructive criticism will help Century Elephants become better acquainted with what is attractive to U.S consumers.  This will consequently allow them to reach a broader audience and hopefully gain the type of customers they are targeting. In addition to providing constructive criticism, I am also collaborating with another intern to rewrite a script for an advert. After reviewing and critiquing a tourism commercial, we were assigned to rewrite the voice over because we felt it did not appeal to the U.S market in the way they want it to.

The goals I hope to achieve while on this internship are very simple and professionally development focused. I want to develop the following skills.

Self-reliance skills: demonstrating that I can work independently. I can achieve this by being self-aware, knowing where my strengths are and by organizing and prioritizing my commitments to get the job done.

People skills: being able to demonstrate interpersonal skills. I can achieve this by communicating effectively and by participating in team activity. Interpersonal skills are important for one’s own mature development of character and leadership capabilities.

General skills: those skills that could be used in any situation and across all sectors. I want to be able to demonstrate flexibility. I can do this by becoming a problem solver and by demonstrating leadership qualities.

I believe that these skills could help me grow as an individual and would greatly benefit my future career path.


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