Another Project Down the Hatch

One month of work gone, and it only seems like a few days. In the first few weeks of my internship, while the workload has not been always constant, many tasks have come down the pipeline for me.  I have been fortunate to be given a number of responsibilities, some of which are very important or hatchery’s future. Ben has primarily tasked me with researching, developing, and eventually launching a crowd funding program for hatchery’s market tested business ideas, with a view to fund several different concepts before 2018. After extensive research, I have found a number of viable options that could fit hatchery’s goals as well as developing an idea for a proprietary program that would fit hatchery’s goals in the future. I have also done market research of hatchery’s customers in order to best fit the funding plan, as well as interviewed previous crowd funding organizations on their own experience with these platforms. In addition to doing this research, I have also looked into multiple hiring sources for Hatchery’s new location and provided form letters and plans for other employees to contact these locations for prospective new interns and work training programs.

Personally, I hope that I can learn better how a small business works, both on how to run one myself and how to deal with that structure of business in the future.  I also believe that working with the top through the bottom levels of the business will help me understand and extrapolate how any company might work in a macro sense. In addition to this understanding, I hope that through increased interaction and involvement in Ben’s activities in growing hatchery, I can increase my interpersonal business skills through meeting with prospective clients.

I feel that through communication with my manager and hard work I can fulfill these goals and develop even more business skills.

Christian hatchery

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