Workplace Differences

The company I work for is Asian Agribusiness Recruitment Training and Development (AARTD). It is an agribusiness consulting and search firm for the Asian market. Basically we work with agriculture type companies of different sizes and industries to help them find candidates for jobs in their company. Most of these jobs are in the sales, technical, and management fields. I specifically work for the recruitment department in the company, and my job is to administrate the database we have as well as to make presentations for companies to try to sell to potential employees. It is a very important business because feeding people is one of the most important things to do in the world, and recent reports show that the earth will reach 9 billion people in 2050.

My supervisor is the second in command for the company behind the Managing Director and founder Michael Boddington. Her name is Kelly and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is the highest-ranking Chinese worker, and she basically helps Michael find people jobs for their clients. She is very well respected by her fellow workers and is often looked up to for advice. She speaks the best English out of all of the Chinese workers in the company. Like I said before the department I work for is the recruitment department. They are all very nice people and are very curious about us Americans and the United States. Because they are all Chinese they do have the Chinese work style of not being very direct like Americans. I’ve notice that sometimes slows down the company from its potential, but overall the business is very good.

My day can be quite boring overall actually. I sit at a computer all day and do market research for on our clients. This information includes the industry they are in as well as their market value and revenue of previous years. Basically any information that we can use to help a possible candidate want to work for that company. I also help people in the consulting department provide any information they need from the database. These things include potential contacts and their information to call up. Overall I would say it is a very corporate American job. The one thing I do like about it though is that I actually do some work to help the company out.


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