Working Together, Growing Together

The company that I am working for is called China Capital. It is a company that provides financial services such as consulting, M&A, and investment banking. To sum it up, the company provides their expertise or capital to other companies in exchange for a fee. China Capital is a relatively new company as it was started two years ago, and the office that I am working at has only been operational for five months. It is a rapidly growing firm, and they plan on creating a branch in New York within the next several years.

My supervisor’s name is Ms. Wang, and she is the secretary at the Beijing branch of China Capital. This past week, the executives were on a business trip so she could not perform her normal duties as secretary. Instead, she was studying for a standardized test in order to be promoted within the company. Normally, when the executives are in the office, she helps them schedule meetings and answers phone calls related to the company. She has been very nice and encouraging towards us this week while we have worked on our project.

Since the executives went on a business trip, they left us with a project to research and analyze case studies of the most successful financial families in history. Before this assignment, we had to analyze the top ten most successful Chinese companies that are currently publically traded in America. These assignments have not only served for the executives to test our work ethic and knowledge, but they have also taught us some of the intricacies of Chinese business, as well as the intangible assets that make a person successful. When the executives return from their business trip, they plan to meet with us to help define our goals, and begin giving us work related to the company.

Every day Liam and I arrive at work prior to 9:30, and work on our assignment until 12. We then have lunch from 12-1:30, and continue working on our assignment until 5:30. There hasn’t been much going on in the office lately because everyone was on the business trip, but when they return, we expect our role to become more dynamic, and transition into more of a team-effort with the rest of the company.

Jacob H work


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