Workin’ It

The non-profit organization I am working for is called the International Teenager Competition and Communication Center, or ITCCC for short. Created in 2012, it is a relatively new company based in Beijing, but works with schools all around China. They host educational international high school competitions in China across a variety of subjects and offer exchange opportunities to students. In addition, they create curriculum’s in fields of robotics and space science which they sell and teach to schools. Other fields include linguistics, geology, math, and even short film. The area of space science curriculum is where I have been working, but more on that later. When competitions are not going on, many ITCCC employees travel around Beijing teaching the curriculum’s they create.

My supervisor is Mr. Yong Mao, who is the head of operations/manager of ITCCC. He has not enlightened me as to what exactly he does every day, though most of it seems to be coordinating between the many projects going on and communicating with outside businesses. I do not see him often throughout the day as the work I am doing does not require supervision. Like most Chinese he is rather reserved, but always friendly and speaks English well. The two women I work under are very kind, and almost everyone in the company speaks English. The people who have desks in the same room as me have all been friendly; all the guys work with robotics and the one woman is in charge of the linguistics competition.

So far my role has consisted of researching science experiments on the NASA website, logging them in an Excel database, and then writing a summary if it is interesting to ITCCC. Mr. Mao told me to focus on hands-on experiments. This is all I have done so far, though I have been told I will be proof-reading English at some point. Beyond that I am not sure what else they have for me yet. My daily work life has been repetitive with the research, but the atmosphere of the company is nice and laid-back. For example, having lunch with everyone is always fun and a good time to socialize. I have had good talks with coworkers with regards to culture differences. It is crazy that this is going to be our fourth week already; we have been so busy and yet have so much to do.

Kailia rock

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