Who is 5 Star Plus Retail Design?

5 Star Plus Retail Design, the company I call home for the next six weeks while in Beijing is an interior design company specializing in the branded design of luxury and high-end brands. Interior design is similar to the art of storytelling. It tells a story about a brand’s atmosphere and culture while embodying an unparalleled experience the second a customer steps foot through their doors. At 5 Star Plus Retail Design, our job is to create a story that captures and entices not only our client’s visions, but, impress even the wildest imaginations of those entering the store. Through consultation, we discover our client’s ideas, thoughts and visions, then transform them into reality.

Currently, my official supervisor Barbara Seidelmann, is handling personal matters in Austria. Until she arrives back in Beijing, the head of marketing and design at 5 Star Plus Retail Design, Cecilia, is who I am reporting to. She is responsible for leading team meetings, ensuring all members are completing their assigned tasks and providing guidance or assistance to ensure projects are conducted professionally and to the client’s standards. Barbara is the Managing Director (CEO) of 5 Star Plus Retail Design. Her job is to ensure not only I and everyone else working at the company has a job to wake up to in the morning but, finding clients and ensuring all projects are delivered within the correct budget and time frames.

Daily life at 5 Star Plus is quite spontaneous. There are days where the workload is intense and you find yourself creating PowerPoint presentations, writing blogs for the company’s website, attending a galore of meetings and assisting the design team with their projects. (These days are the best as the time flies by like an F-150 Raptor) Then you have days where the workload is significantly less and you find yourself with some spare time to write a weekly blog. (*cough* this blog you are reading *Cough*) You never know what the day will be like. This mystery element is what keeps the job interesting.

Thomas coworkers

(Mariam: Designer on the far left, Cecilia: Head of Design and Marketing in the middle, Thomas: That’s ME! Far right. This photo was taken at the British Chambers Networking event, Saturday 6/09/2017 at the Shangdu International Park)

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