While the boss is away…

I am working at China Capital with my co-intern Jacob Henschel. China Capital is a Shenzen-based investment bank with an office in Beijing. They provide financial services to a variety of clients, mostly businesses. Their consultation services can help lead businesses to making a many different types of investments to obtain a possible return on their investment. While the largest investment banks in China include CITIC Securities, China Securities Co. Ltd, and Bank of China, these giants are not necessarily in direct competition with China Capital. China Capital is smaller, and newer than these banks and focuses specifically on small-to-medium sized businesses. China Capital invests on an international level, but focuses on the Chinese market.

Our three different advisors include two company executives and our office secretary. Our office team is very small, with only four permanent employees. The two executive supervisors include Zhe Yi, Managing Director, and Liang An, Executive Partner.  Due to their high positions in the company, they have been very focused on their tasks and seem to make their own schedule. They both have international education experience and speak exceptional English. However, the office has been relatively empty for the past week, because besides the secretary, the other employees are currently on a business trip, including our executive supervisors Luckily, Secretary Wang is also one of our advisors, because she has been here more often than the other employees. Her day-to-day role includes handling correspondence such as phone calls and emails, and directing clients to meeting rooms.

With most office employees absent while on a business trip, we have been given a series of research assignments to complete before they return. Through these assignments, I have learned a lot about Chinese businesses and the domestic economy, as well as the historical investment projects of many of the world’s wealthiest families. Some trends I have noticed are that many Chinese companies are actually traded on American stock exchanges, and many of the biggest corporations are partially state owned. Ironically, I have also learned about about historical investment strategies in America by conducting research on wealthy families such as the Rockefellers and DuPonts. Although I have gotten a deeper understanding of business in China, I am particularly excited for our executive supervisors to return from their business trip next week. Jacob and I hope to meet with them and determine what our next meaningful assignment will be. Now that I have learned through research projects, we hope to gain more hands-on finance experience in the Chinese market in a role that will allow us to work with and learn from the other employees.

Liam work

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