The Ultimate Data Hunt

The company I work for is Asian Agribusiness Consulting, a consulting firm headquartered in Beijing that provides specialized consulting services to individuals and companies in the agribusiness industry. I work for the market research/consulting department of the firm. My job has consisted of me providing research data on current poultry and aquaculture industries by either doing web research or calling up experts in the field from all around Southeast Asia. Some of the experts include industry titans, business owners, and academic professionals. All day long, I am making phone calls, searching the web for data, or searching for new contacts to call or email. My supervisor, Helen, is in charge of the consulting department of the firm, even though the owner of the company is mostly the one who takes charge. So far, I have not been able to meet her in person as she does not work in the office. The only way I contact her is through email or Skype messaging. She is currently also working on the same project as I am, yet she is providing research data on another part of the industry. At the end of the day, my team and the owner, along with Helen on speaker phone, discuss the day’s work on the project. Sometimes I end up making the most phone calls and emails to people than anyone else on the team. It is difficult to find the data we are looking for, as many people we contact either do not want to talk or ask to be emailed instead. Ever since last Tuesday, I have not received a single response back from my contacts, which is disappointing. Internet research can only do so much, which is why calling people is the most efficient way to get information, yet it is the hardest to obtain at the same time. Hopefully this week I will receive responses. Besides this, I enjoy the company and my co-workers. Everyone is friendly and extremely hard working. Sometimes the only sound you hear are fingers running up and down the keyboard. That and the music being played outside from a yoga class. I am excited to see what these next few weeks will bring as I continue to live and work in China.

Picture of how packed my morning subway ride is:

Eric subway

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