Reaching Full Potential

Jarkeiria Smith, summer intern at Century Elephants Culture communication. This company specializes in digital integration.  It is a company of many departments including marketing, tourism and digital design etc.

My supervisor is more like a team leader (per my coworkers) since he just a new as they are to the company by a few months. He seems to be very focus on the tasks that he is given. My team leader seems to be open to suggestions where it concerns of what the young people want.

At this moment, I am concerned about the ambiguity in the workplace, sometimes it hard to discern what sort of results they would want from a task.

Being an intern is a unique experience. Every day you are inspired, humbled and learn something new. So far in my internship have had the opportunity to assist with various aspects of research, marketing and tourism at the Century Elephants Culture communication. Since my company is in a transitional period of focusing more on the overseas tourism industry my tasks as an intern has been varied and looking for ways to break into that market. I have helped my department with reporting trends in the tourism industry, which is especially important because it allows my team leader to judge my skills as an Intern and where my strengths lie and where there is room for improvement, to reach my full potential here.

I also had the opportunity to work with three of my fellow interns —who are incredible— on a project. The project focus thus far is to research social media trends and influencers who inspire people to want to travel abroad from the U.S. to China. Along with this we must research what type attractions China has that could increase the market of inbound tourists.

After creating a solo power point presentation, during the first week here, on how to appeal to the U.S. market, I was pushed in ways to improve my research skills. I am currently collecting data along with a fellow U.S intern, and we are researching  the top influences in social media who like to travel. So far so good!

Jarkeiria sunset

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