Not So Different

The Delsk Group is a global asset allocation firm that was founded in Cologne, Germany in 2008. Over the years, Delsk has established a strong East-Asian network by partnering with over 750 enterprises across the globe. As a platform for global cross-border asset allocation and investment services, not only are they devoted to introducing overseas investment projects to investors, they also hope to attract European investors into Asia and other regions as well.

So far the company has me researching property management companies that we can partner with for our new APP that is about to launch. The APP itself is design to help alleviate the struggle of investors trying to find real estate in the US. Traditionally, the company was a wholesaler of immigration products and they hope to use the extensive network they have created in Asia to market US student housing and multi-family housing to East-Asian students looking to go abroad.
My supervisor Annie is a very wonderful individual. She is the head of the HR department and has placed me in the International Property and Investment Department under the supervision of Henrik Svensson. Henrik has really taken me under his wing to help me learn the industry and Chinese markets. He is in charge of a staff of six including myself to research and develop international markets that our APP can use in its platform. Everyday the the entire IPID group has lunch together at China Central Place. It has really helped me feel welcomed into the workplace and get to know each individual.
As far as individual projects/daily work they have asked me to do a presentation about potential sites that they could invest and manage. For example, I conduct a feasibility analysis of an investment project and present it to the IPID group. This allows them to gauge my analytical skills and also help me develop confidence in the work that I complete. Getting feedback from different individuals is invaluable to sharpening my professional skills. Being around so many international mindsets has really broadened my perspective of how the world works and how we are not that different from each other. Whether its China or America, we all are trying to find our place and make an impact  in this big world.
 George sub
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