New Day, New Way

The company I am currently working for is actually going through quite an exciting time. The current name of the company is IE Capital, focusing on creating a shared finance department for startups that can’t really afford to go to bigger accounting firms. IE Capital is currently re-branding itself under FinMai, which means Financial Pulse (Mai being pulse in Chinese). It is re-positioning itself in a different industry, an industry that is very new in China. They are attempting to build SaaS product (Software as a Service) that can be easily used by anybody without a financial background. They are hoping to build something that can be used by CEO’s and people building companies. The idea is comparable to that of Salesforce in the U.S. They have the goal in mind of creating a product that allows startup founders to make better decisions when given the financial analytic tools they need.

My supervisor happens to be the husband of the founder. His name is Jim and is actually from the U.S. himself. He has been living in Beijing for 8 years now and is a very nice person. He currently is helping the company from marketing to product development. He plays a very interactive role in the development of the company. He is a very friendly and outgoing person, and has been very helpful in my proceedings with the company. He is very detail oriented and care deeply about the company his wife has founded. The other workers are also extremely nice and were very welcoming. They have some amazing talent at the company, with one of the workers having worked previously with one of the Big Four accounting companies. They all very hard working and passionate about their jobs; they really care about the future of this company. It’s quite admirable.

With my internship, my role isn’t clearly defined. Seeing as the company is going through such an important time they really need all the help they can get. I have been involved everywhere from creating the investor pitch deck to designing the interface for their software. I have had to do a lot of learning seeing as some of the stuff they ask me to do is beyond my realm of education. It’s been an interesting experience to be able to tackle things that I never really considered. The internship is definitely hard, but I guess that’s what I needed.


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