Invaluable Experiences

While in Beijing I have had the opportunity to work with MullenLowe Profero for the summer.  Being it is now my third week working with the company, I can confidently say I feel lucky to have the chance to work at a place like this.  Not only does the work that I am assigned relate to my field of study but the people I work with make this experience truly great. MullenLowe Profero is an international digital marketing company that is based out of the United Kingdom but has offices all around the world.  My company builds websites for different companies and has a number of clients in different fields of business including but not limited to Apple, Harley Davidson, Keiser Permanente, and various spirit companies.  The Beijing office is considered to be the tech hub of the company worldwide, which makes it align with what I am trying to do for my career.  Daily office life is productive and entertaining; our office is a collective of people from different backgrounds that all know how to get work done while keeping the environment light.  There is both a pool table and an Xbox One in our office for people to enjoy, usually you will find coworkers competing on the pool table during lunch.  My supervisor’s name is Chira Bamarni, she is the project manager of our office in Beijing.  Under her supervision I assist with technical work in the project management department, up to this point I have been able to assist with technical work that includes functional specifications, SOWs, content population, and completing work on CMS platforms such as Umbraco and WordPress.  Day to day work in the project management department varies depending on the project we are working on and while working for an international company we rely on our other offices around the world to complete those projects, for Beijing we work mostly with the New York and London offices.  My supervisor has enabled me to excel with my work assignment while building valuable experience that will boost my resume and allow me to learn skills that will be beneficial in the long-run working in the IT field of business.  It is clear that she cares about the intern experience and wants me to enjoy my time working at MullenLowe Profero while benefiting me in the future.

Jacob W Work


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