Going Beyond

My company is called Wordsearch, a marketing/advertising firm that does communications for primarily high-end real estate developments. The industry requires a lot of knowledge of architectural design, commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate markets and sales skills. Much of the work we do involves creating high-quality brochures/books as marketing materials and preparing presentations for our clients to use to sell their properties. Overarching, we also sometimes name developments and assign personalities to them. These personalities guide our branding message and allow us to create well-rounded, creative marketing plans.

My supervisor, Charles, is pretty relaxed. He is the one in charge of our Beijing office, merging his own firm with Wordsearch about five years ago to create our presence in China. His main responsibility is to coordinate with our headquarters in London throughout the day to make sure that they are working towards creating our materials and concepts. Most of our building personality ideas are thought up by our much larger London office, and then it is our job in Beijing to execute them through design and copy-writing. Charles also pitches our concepts to Chinese clients and works with them to make something they are happy with. He is usually in the office from 10 am until after 7 pm, but a few times a week he may leave for a meeting or come in late. I suspect that he will be in-and-out of the office quite frequently. My team is made up of 5 Chinese women and myself, working in a small office space all together. They all seem to get along but can be quiet at times. It can be hard to have conversations with them because they mostly speak Chinese to each other unless Charles is speaking to them. Overall, the team climate is positive and I feel like everyone is on the same page. I feel like my co-workers have welcomed me and Charles has given me responsibility and constructive feedback.

My internship role mostly consists of editing Chinese Google translations and creating English copy for several large-scale marketing campaigns. I have been improving my writing skills and also been forced to think more creatively than I am used to. The experience has taught me that I am capable of going beyond what I am comfortable with. A usual day has me working on a few different projects with different messages. Most days I also meet with my supervisor so he can give me feedback on my work. Since much of it is subjective and creative, it can be hard for me to really understand what he wants me to go for. A big challenge that I have faced is understanding the branding message of different projects that I have only been exposed to for a week and a half. However, I am enjoying myself and I love watching my own development so far in this internship!\

Tessa city.JPG

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