Getting Acquainted

Week 3 came by faster than any other weeks before it. This also marks my second week as an intern in Beijing. Even though I am still fairly new to the Chinese work culture, I am slowly picking up the pace and getting myself acquainted to the environment.

As I mentioned in last week’s journal, the company that I am interning for is Beijing 99 Interactive Entertainment – a marketing company specializing in the gaming industry. Beijing 99 provides services to many companies, both domestic and international. The company currently employs more than 130 workers. As an integrated marketing company, Beijing 99 offers a full range of services to clients, from simple marketing campaigns to large events planning. To accomplish this, the company is divided into three different units: Gaming Business, IT Business, and Media. Gaming Business deals with gaming related events and marketing campaigns such as eSports competitions and promotional events. IT Business focuses on the technical details of gaming systems and peripherals, and to provide technological consulting to clients. Finally, Media conducts market researches on social media and handle online marketing for clients.

As an intern, I enjoy a flexible schedule and workload within the company. There is no set time for when I need to be at work or when I can leave. However, my typical work day goes from 11 AM to 5 PM. The company also allow for lunch time, and it is also flexible to my liking. My work mainly focus on the Business Gaming and Media units. I am usually tasked with doing researches on relevant contents and resources needed to plan events and online marketing campaigns. For example, I am currently responsible for putting together a list of potential competitive gaming teams around the world for an upcoming gaming competition in China. I am also tasked with curating contents for the Alienware’s Chinese social media accounts. The nature of my work is ambiguous and could change, depending on the company’s needs at the time.

My supervisor’s name is Sun Tzu. He is a part of the Gaming Business unit. At the moment, his current client is Dell and Alienware. He is working on several projects to help promote the brands in the Chinese markets. Outside of work, he is a jovial type of guy, and is very easy to get along with. On my first days of work, he made many efforts to reach out to me and get to know me better. His team is also very friendly from my observation. Even though not all of them can speak English, they are more than happy to take me with them to lunch. The internship is challenging, but being able to work with these colleagues definitely does make it easier.Man nest.jpg

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