Come to China and be Inspired

I am currently working for a start-up company name Pingo Space. The app aims to connect foreigners and Chinese locals through the exchange of learning skills the foreigners may have to offer. Education and the startup and economy is big in China, so Pingo Space made teaching more interesting. Pingo Space stands out because it doesn’t focus on just one subject or topic. A lot of apps or teaching platforms in China focuses on just teaching English, so in my opinion Pingo Space leads the way in providing quality material and adding creativity to it.

I work closely with the Cofounder Sophie Su and Marketing Manager Marsha. So far, I enjoy working with them. It’s always inspiring to see successful women in high positions, making power moves and overall creating something of their own and being successful. Working for Sophie and seeing her passion through her work inspires me to start my own business. I ‘m not sure what it would it would be yet but like Sophie says, “you can’t think about the idea too hard, it’ll just fall in your lap.” So right now, I’ll continue to work and allow it to just come to me naturally.

I don’t go to work every day with a set routine. My day starts off with me coming into office, checking in with either Sophie or Marsha and then completing tasks they might have for the day. Some of this might include writing articles, interviewing potential clients to teach on the app, planning events or anything that relates to what we’re focusing on for the week.

Aside from my responsibilities as a marketing intern, I’ve already scheduled to teach my skill, which is stepping to a group of kids. This internship isn’t paid so it’s exciting for me to be able to teach something I enjoy doing and get paid for it. Although I like my supervisor and the atmosphere I work in, I do think the work can be more challenging. Due to that I took it upon myself to think of an idea I can pitch so stay tune to see what I come up with and if they end up using my idea.

Tania city.jpeg

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