China: Law & Chaos

My work environment has been extremely positive. Although I was sick during the week, I worked from home on contract editing and redoing parts of the Company Brief as well. Lantai Partners Law Firm clearly cares very much about not only all of their clients, but their employees in a familial way. I have taken a role as a mentee, in a way with my supervisor, Helen, and with a man that works in the Intellectual Property Department. Helen is a very dedicated partner in the sector of International Law, editing contracts in international business deals and representing foreigners in Chinese court, if necessary. She is very busy every day, editing contracts and poring over legal documents. However, she dedicates herself to making myself and the two other interns in the International Law department. The two other interns are both graduate students, each completing their year of internship before qualifying to take the Chinese Bar Exam.

My job is primarily with Helen, helping edit contracts and research different restrictions in contracting. For example, the picture below shows just one of the resources that I must use to correctly review contracts. Law in China is still in development in many aspects, and this makes it very difficult to understand certain aspects of negotiation. In the area of International Law, differences are vast between Chinese practices and American practices. There are many more restrictions in place on the American Stock Market than in the Chinese Stock Market, so when there is an exchange of stocks, the contracts are very complex. Similarly, International Tort Law is very different from that in America, and thus poses a large challenge for Lantai and myself.

Although I have only discussed the International Law Department, Lantai has various practices. There are 33 partners, over 160 lawyers, and more than 60 interns in the Beijing firm. There are four locations of Lantai throughout China, two of which have been developed in the past two years. There are lawyers that practice in each individual field of Chinese law, and various awards have been earned by the firm for dedication to clients and employees, including the Excellence Award from the Chinese National Law Journal in 2015. Lantai is a very welcoming and positive place to work, and I am very fortunate to work with such a supportive group of people!

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