A Day in my Global Office

The company I am interning for this summer is called Strategic Public Relations Group, SPRG, which is a PR based company. I am currently working in the Global Business department, which means that the team and I are dealing with public relations, marketing, and advertising from around the world. We are all working on a myriad of projects all at the same time, which keeps me busy, but is very exciting. I have helped on the BAFTA, Utilight, KTC, and Peninsula Hotel accounts, editing English and contributing ideas here and there.

As the second week wraps up I just finished a personal presentation about Social Media Analysis that I will present to the team on Monday. The presentation is a detailed account about successful social media campaigns from the past two years. The campaigns specially deal with integrating campaigns across multiple social media platforms. The project is interesting and I am glad that I am able to contribute ideas from other campaigns to long-term projects the team is working on now. It is very interesting to see how orchestrated the campaigns for products and services are, as well as how they are carried out through social media and presented to millennials on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Since I have been here my supervisor, Arthur Hagopian, has been to Taiwan, London, Poland, and Bulgaria, which only emphasizes how busy the department is with all its projects. Arthur is the Senior Director of the Global and Digital Strategy department. From what I have seen his schedule includes finalizing PowerPoint presentations, articles, blog posts, and any other content that the team creates. He also has numerous conference calls with international clients throughout the day. Arthur is very respectful, but also humorous. Monica Qu, the account manager, is my step-in supervisor when Arthur is gone; she is also Arthur’s right hand man and is almost as busy as he is every day. She, along with the other girls on the team, is very sweet and welcoming, making it fun to go to work every day to see them.

Before being given the social media project, I was solely editing English on posts, PowerPoints, and other pieces of social media content, so after giving my presentation I will be curious to see if I will be given any other variation of work.

Aside from fighting the daily urge to run to the nearest Starbucks at lunchtime, my internship has been very informative, I love being exposed to all the diverse projects and locations that the team is working with and I hope to get more heavily involved in a project in the future.

Brittany work

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