You Can Never Learn Enough!

During the first week of my internship, I honestly did not know what to expect. I wondered if I would like the work I am doing or whether I would enjoy the environment I had to work in. So far, I am happy to say things have started off great. I work for a company called Pingo Space. It is a startup company that created an app to monetize foreigner’s skills to Chinese locals. I met one out of two of my supervisors. Her name is Marsha and she is the Marketing Manager at Pingo Space. Walking into the office I noticed everyone dressed casually so I automatically became excited. Although I do enjoy dressing professionally, Beijing’s summer heat made me reconsider.

After the first day, my first impression of Marsha is that she is open, friendly and easy to talk to. At times, I felt as if I was talking to my own friend. Sometimes we would we go off topic and talk about something random. I liked the fact that I could be professional and comfortable with my supervisor at the same time. Sophie is my second supervisor and based on my experience so far, I know she’ll be great and I am excited to meet her on Monday.

My first few assignments included creating a consultation PowerPoint for potential users, interviewing someone who currently teaches on the app and writing an article about them. Today, I also had the opportunity to attend one of Pingo Space events. One of the company’s project is Pingo Club. It is an organization for kids ages 4- 12 that gives them the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics such as sports, art, science, music etc. that they don’t traditionally learn in school and serve as an introductory course for kids who are interested in going to America. The image above is a picture of some of the students and the teacher in the 798 district.

Through this internship my main goal is to learn more about how to be a great marketing professional. I want to learn and compare marketing techniques they use to promote and share the app in China. You can never learn enough!


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