Starting Up at a Start-up

My first day at work was quite interesting. This being my first internship experience I really had no idea what to expect. Luckily, we were all introduced to out supervisor by people organizing the program, but it was still nerve-racking riding up the elevator. My internship is with IE Capital, which is relatively new company, essentially a startup. On my first day I met Jim, my supervisor, he was extremely welcoming and friendly. He then took me around the office, which happens to be a co-working space. This means that the floor the office is on is shared by many other startup companies. It’s a very interesting concept, in which startup companies can rent a small office space and be provided with the necessary tools to get them going. On my first day, Jim took me to see Jackie, the CEO of the company. The three of us then went to a meeting room and started discussing my first assignment. It was clear that they really need the extra help, being a startup. On my first day, I was told by Jackie that I she already had quite a bit of work lined up for me. She then proceeded to show me a PowerPoint that described the company. This was actually my first assignment. I was supposed to take a bunch of notes and turn it into a pitch deck that was going to be presented to investors. I was very surprised by the amount of responsibility that I was given. It’s been a great learning experience so far with this project.

The company culture is very relaxed, but seeing as I am new it’s still very awkward for me. I’m very happy that the dress code is casual and that things are very casual between worker and boss. The work load is still intense though. It’s very much a startup culture in the sense that the company is still trying to figure stuff out. There testing new things, and they need as much workers as they can get. Therefore, it’s great that I can help them with their mission.

This internship has shown me that I really have a lot to learn. For me personally, I really want to use this opportunity to really understand the working of a startup. Startup culture is so profound in America, but at the same time it seems so foreign. I want to familiarize myself with process of a startup. I want to know how to have a positive impact on a company that in its early stages. I am excited to go forward from here.


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