Many Cultures, One Company

Interning for a Chinese company has been an immense pleasure. DELSK (the company I am interning with) is a real estate investment firm that started in Germany and has since grown to the Chinese market. The company itself it located in China Central Place, which is an up and coming part of the China Business District. The firm will occupy three floors of CCP by the end of the summer. These three floors consist of about 200+ employees who all work in different departments. I was placed as a research and development specialist in the International Property and Investment Department.

My first couple days were an absolute blast. I was immediately put to work. So far, the company has me researching property management companies that we can partner with for our new app that is about to launch. The app itself is designed to help alleviate the struggle of investors trying to find real estate in the US. Traditionally, the company was a wholesaler of immigration products and they hope to use the extensive network they have created in East Asia to market US student housing and multi-family housing to East-Asian students looking to go abroad.

It was very interesting getting to know the numerous personalities that my workplace consisted of. Especially due to the fact that my company is an international company. This has given me insight to the different mindsets that cultures bring to the workplace. Getting to know each person was the first step I took to establish my presence in the office. I made sure to let everyone on my floor understand that I was open to any dialogue that they wanted to have with me so our relationship could grow past the awkward stage. I figure flexibility is key when learning something new.

I plan to use this openness to help strengthen my Chinese skills. Being able to speak Chinese everyday was a goal of mine long before I came to Beijing, and this is the perfect opportunity to sharpen my language skills. Also, this job has given me the opportunity to mold my professional skills. By following a strict schedule with rules and requirements, this internship will help me establish a strong work ethic for my future endeavors. Overall, I am very pleased with Beijing and the company that I work for. This internship is a great opportunity for growth and I look forward to the coming days of helping DELSK strive to reach its goals.


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