Let’s Gain Guanxi

When I walked into the China Capital office for the first day of my internship, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was very limited information about the company available online, especially at its secondary Beijing office where I would be working. As I entered the office, I was blown away by how beautiful it looked. It had a giant white and gold China Capital logo at the front of the office. Then I was greeted with a smile by the secretary who I soon learned would be my mentor at the company. She proceeded to give me a tour of the office where I was introduced to the two C-suite executives, and one other employee. The office presents a small homey feel due to its few, yet extremely kind employees. The layout of the office is two C-suites on the right side of the office where the two executives of the company work, a desk at the front of the office where the secretary works, a long desk where the other employees (including my co-intern and me), and an office for meetings to the left of the office.

After I settled in during the first day of the internship, my mentor gave my co-intern and me our first assignment. We were to do research on the top publicly traded Chinese companies in America. We viewed this as our first test to show our fellow employees how hard we are willing to work for the success of the company. After hours of research and editing, we handed in our ten-page report.

Over the course of my internship, I hope to learn many new skills which I can translate inside and outside the classroom when I return home to UF. One of the most important skills I hope to improve on is my networking skills. Throughout the internship, I will be seeking out opportunities to network and gain guanxi with the employees at China Capital, and other business people that I encounter. I also hope to improve my research skills and further my ability to provide detailed research in a concise manner. One final skill that I hope to develop is my excel skills. Throughout the course of the internship, I will likely be given many assignments that require me to create clear charts to illustrate data, and although I don’t have a lot of experience with excel thus far, it is a crucial skill to learn for today’s business world, and I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to master it.

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