First Glimpse of the Working World

The first couple days of my internship gave me a glimpse of what the real working world has in store for me. The company I am working for, Asian Agribusiness Recruitment Training and Development, is a very small company with maybe only thirty people total. The office is relatively small in size with only a couple rooms. I work as an administrator on the company’s database. The database is a system where AARTD keeps all the information to try to match people with jobs in the agriculture business. It is very extensive and run very well. One thing I notice about the database is that all the jobs the company tries to find people with are not farming jobs. Most of them are sales and technical jobs for companies that are selling products in the agribusiness. The wages of these jobs are quite high actually. Some in the hundred and fifty thousand US dollar range. It’s quite an interesting place.

One thing that I notice about AARTD is the type of people that work there. Everyone in the company except myself, Eric (one of the other interns), and the head boss himself are Chinese. Even though an Australian runs the company, it very much has a Chinese feeling to it. Another thing I notice is that most of the workers are female. There are only four male workers in the entire company. It is a female dominated work environment, which is different to see. I hope to get to know them all and create a great work environment.

While I am working at AARTD I hope to develop my communication skills in an office environment. I have been in school run organizations before but this is a new challenge. I hope to learn some new things to help promote my weaknesses and add on to my strengths. I think I am really good with market research. My first project for the company has been market research on the client companies of AARTD. I am basically checking up on the database making sure that all the information is up to date. I am looking forward to interning for AARTD for the next handful of weeks.


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