First Day on the Job

When I finally arrived to SPRG at The Exchange Beijing Building I was so excited to finally start working and delve into the world of public relations. My first day was both the busiest and the most exciting. I was able to immediately assist on one of the numerous projects the Global Business sector that my supervisor and his team were working on. I was also able to help another member of the team polish an English translation through PowerPoint for a presentation that will be presented in the future. I also was invited to sit in on a conference call with BAFTA representatives concerning the upcoming Shanghai International Film Festival. I could not believe that I was able to experience first hand how the team extracts the information from a client in order to deliver the desired results of the PR, marketing, and/or advertising of BAFTA. I could immediately identify that challenges of working with clients that don’t have all the information or don’t know what they want—which is incredibly frustrating, but Arthur, Monica, and Xiao Tong had all the questions and answers that the client needed in order to solidify a plan to assure the event will be a success for BAFTA. Unfortunately, after such an exciting first day, my supervisor, Arthur, had to leave on a business trip to Taiwan, so consequently I had little to assist with for the remainder of the team because they were focused on getting all of the information for BAFTA in Chinese and had yet to translate it into English. 

Overall, I love the environment of SPRG. For the most part the office is quiet, which I enjoy, but it also will sporadically become noisy with telephone calls or banter between coworkers. The desks where I work are set up in a cubical manner with very low walls, so it is still easy to see everyone and collaborate on projects and ideas. 

It is difficult to identify specifically what skills and knowledge I need to develop because I did not dive completely into SPRG, but considering my limited knowledge of PR and various sectors of international corporations I know I have a ton to learn from this company especially because of its location in China and the company’s ability to do business all over the world from this office. 

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