Exciting New Beginnings

We have just started our internship at our respective companies. The company I’m interning for is called SmartTrans Technology. It has only been three days since we started working, so there has not been much so far. There has also not been much work assigned, although this is understandable since I just started. However, the experience these past few days have been great.

On the first day, I did accidentally get dropped off at the wrong location because the office moved from the previous location. So, it seemed like I was off to a bad start. However, when I got to the office, my supervisor was really welcoming and made me feel like part of the team right away. He introduced me to everyone on the team (there are two sides of the team, the Australian and Chinese sides). There is about 15 people working on the team. Everyone on the team was welcoming, nice, and friendly as well. Right now, the SmartTrans office is located in the SanLiTuan (SoHo) area of Beijing. However, in two weeks the office is going to be moving to another location. There are two rooms that SmartTrans occupies. There are long desks in the rooms, and everyone sits at different parts of the tables. There is also a lounge where everyone can work at. Everyone on the team has a specific role/job for the company. So far I believe the job and work to be done is fast-paced, but at the same time, it is casual and laid back for a startup company.

I recently was able to sit in on a conference call with a sales manager in Australia, and I will be assisting her by providing research on product information. The sales manager and I will be working closely together to get potential clients on board.

What I hope to gain from this internship is a new mindset and perspective on what my career path would be. I am going to be getting work from different aspects of the company, so I hope to gain an understanding of how to run a startup. I want to gain better understanding and basic skills from each aspect of the company. I also hope to grow on a personal aspect from this internship as well. I am excited to see what is in store in the next few weeks.


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