Discovering my Inner-Lawyer

My internship at Lantai Partners Law Firm has been very warm, welcoming, and filled with opportunity. When I first arrived, I met with my two supervisors, Helen and Frank, and they were not only extremely interested in my success at the firm, but also in how I could help the firm grow in knowledge and experience. For me, learning through experience is an ultimate tool, and I find myself very fortunate to wind up in an environment that has the same values as I have. My supervisors have met with me during each of the three days of office, expressing genuine interest in the well-being of myself. This is tremendously impressive to me, considering the value of a lawyer’s time.

The workplace environment is very intense, in my opinion. It is silent generally, and only when something needs to be discussed, the silence is broken. It is what you would expect a law office to be based on pre-conceived notions. There are about 260 lawyers in total, and 33 of these are partners with individual offices throughout the two floors of quite a large building, which are exclusively occupied by Lantai. Everyone not in their own office occupies some area in the center, including younger lawyers and interns. In China, each student attempting to become a lawyer has to do a full year-long internship at a law firm in China, so there are over sixty interns in Lantai! Like me, these interns work very hard to absorb as much information as possible and create a high-quality experience for the clients and lawyers within Lantai. Overall, the office is very intense, but still seems to be very welcoming and enjoyable.

I am really looking forward to observing as much of Chinese culture and law as possible. This internship is also going to help me decide between pursuing a future as an investigator, or a future as a lawyer. Although Chinese law is very different from American law, I still believe that there will be enough parallels between the experiences of Lantai and a law firm in America. I would love to enhance my skills as a writer and editor at this job, because these will be traits that will be used throughout my life. I want to develop more patience and willingness to change as well, because I am a very impatient and stubborn person. These traits will help me become a more well-rounded and professional person generally, and will provide me with marketable skills for the rest of my life.


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