Day 1: Thrown to the Wolves

The first week at hatchery has been an interesting one.  First of all, I was acquainted with the Hatchery work space and the situation they currently face. The office, which is actually a restaurant, is in a very modern looking residential/ office shared space run by the company 5Lmeet. It is quite nice, save for maybe the lack of office chairs. The ambiance though is great for a shared space, and one barely notices that there are probably 50 people working in the floor below and plenty living on the floor above. Hatchery itself is flanked by a publishing company and a self-service convenience store, with a large glass lined meeting space in the center of the space. I’m still not sure how many people work there, as there was a differing amount each day, and I’m not sure where 5Lmeet ends and hatchery begins, as the hatchery space is the only area that would support work on the first floor.

From the start to the finish of my work experience it was undoubtedly busy. When speaking with some of the other members form our group I realized that I might have had it a bit harder than most. On the first day I was basically thrown to the wolves, working closely with Ben to analyze their financial model for their new locations and assist him in his decision along with the board on how to prudently expand their company. It was quite informative on expanding my excel skills and also was a great refresher in financial accounting. The experience also gave me a great insight in how business decisions are made and how the numbers influence these choices. However in spite of these financial models playing a large part, I also saw how extraneous factors play a large part in, and even may supersede these straightforward conclusions. The final day of the week was a bit less busy than the first two. My manager had to deal with other workers and meetings, so I was left to my own devices in the morning. Although I was tasked with a much more wide ranging researching role, which took up most of my day to develop, I was quite satisfied with the information I dredged up. All in all, I feel that the workload is manageable and fulfilling and that I can develop many work skills in such a small yet active environment.

Christian smile

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