Cultural Enlightenment

Internship opportunities are important for any college student looking to advance their professional career. Internships abroad are much more than a professional advancement but rather a cultural enlightenment.

The first day was really all about introductions. Since my team leader was not present I met up with their secondhand leader and other colleagues; they took me around the rest of the marketing team giving me a brief description of each person’s role in the group. One of the first things I noticed on my first day was the company culture. Each employee I had the chance to meet had a smile on their face; I could tell they appreciated working here. I also met a couple of the other employees that worked in departments that were located on our floor. There was a lot of names to take in but they were all friendly. Even though their English is not very fluent their openness was refreshing.

So far, my internship experience with the Elephants is going quite well! This is the first time I have ever interned anywhere. I have learned just how much work goes into creating and understanding a market share. I love learning new things and this internship has taught me how to do so many things that I hadn’t even realized I would need after graduating.

Throughout my internship, firstly, I want to experience the real office working environment. I also need to know how to interact with my co-workers and managers appropriately. Moreover, I also hope to use the knowledge that I learned from school and put it into practice. This internship is the opportunity to test out a job, employment setting, management style and other aspects of a workplace, I hope to find what I like about any potential jobs in this field or certain traits of the workplace. And to learn more about things I do and don’t like in a setting. I hope to develop a more fine-tuned view of what I want when I search for full-time jobs or other professional positions.


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