China Constantly Surprises Me

One of the things that I think is consistent regarding my perception of China is that it constantly surprises me. Before coming to China, I expected most of the areas that I visited to have less structure and to appear more rural. However, after living in the Wangufjing district and recently moving into my apartment, I am amazed at how modern Beijing really is! It ranges from the malls to even the traveling system such as the buses and the subways. Compared to the malls and subways in the United States, China comes on top. Both seems to look more aesthetically pleasing and as far as malls have more high end shopping options. Now that I mentioned aesthetics, I wanted to talk about the beauty I see in China. From just simply walking down the Wangufjing district, I often find myself gazing at the beauty of the statues, paintings and buildings everywhere. I think it is unique and refreshing to see how the culture and history of China is somewhat everywhere you go. You do not see that in the United States and I enjoy seeing it while traveling.

Being that I’m that I am also interested in fashion, I was eager to see how Chinese locals dress. Specifically, the people near my age. I find some of them to be fashion forward and creative with their style. If it occurs here, I would love to see a fashion show or just to simply see where they like to shop.

Overall, this was an informative week. After visiting multiple cultural places, I feel like I learned something about China that I had never known before. My favorite cultural place was the Tiananmen Square. It has great a cultural significance to the people of China because it was the site of important events in Chinese history. As I continue to explore the mysteries of China, here are a few cultural questions and topics I seek to understand and find the answers to during my stay here:

  • Significance of Pandas and Dragons
  • Martial Arts
  • The Cultural Revolution
  • Tiananmen Square Massacre

Tania pic 1 blog 2

Tania pic 2 blog 2

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