A Warm Welcome and an Xbox

In the first week of my internship with MullenLowe Profero,  my expectations of my experience and the company were exceeded.  With this being my first internship opportunity in my field of study, I was both excited and nervous about the first week.  Within moments of walking into the company’s office and being introduced to my supervisor and three other interns from Baylor University all of my nerves were washed away.

Since Day One my supervisor has been very supportive and encouraging. On the first day I wasn’t overwhelmed with an abundance of responsibilities, instead I was eased into the new environment being introduced to members of the workplace.  Once I was able to meet some of the people working in my department of the office I was given tasks that would help assist my supervisor, who happens to be the project manager of the company, with our current project which involves developing a website for Keiser Permanente.  These tasks involve creating functional specifications and SOWs which would not only help my supervisor on our project, but would be beneficial skills that I would be able to list on my LinkedIn for future positions within the IT field in business.  Overall the work environment at my company is very laid back, there are roughly eighty employees and the office is split between the side of the company working on the Harley Davidson project and my side of the office that is focusing on Keiser Permanente and various spirit websites.

Our office is in a great part of town, the central business district, and includes both a pool table and an Xbox One, so whenever anyone needs to take a break from work we have these distractions available.  Unfortunately, my skills with programming in Java and C# are not applicable in the workplace being that our program developing department uses a different language. Although I will not be developing my coding skills per say, I will be able to develop other valuable IT skills such as working with functional specifications and SOWs.  My supervisor seems willing to hand out tasks that will not overwhelm me but will help me grow my skills for the future.

Jacob W

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