Accomplishment- The secret to my success

Week 9

Overall, I believe that the goals that I set out for myself during this internship were achieved. I went in looking for experience, and to do something that is out of my comfort zone. After getting the opportunity to visit factories and see first hand how major negotiations take place, helping lawyers draft contracts and translating from Mandarin to English I believe that I have had a wide variety of tasks that have made my time in Beijing more than productive.

My biggest accomplishment during the internship would have to be working on the project that Lee World Group was planning on having in the Dominican Republic. Through extensive research I was able to formulate various points that helped the company conclude it was in their best interest to back off from the project for the time being. I believe that without my ability to do research in a multitude of languages, some of the issues that I was able to find would not have been found, and thus was fundamental to the success of the company.

In regards to my own biggest area of growth, I would say that my ability to be proactive saw the biggest growth. I had the opportunity to help a multitude of people during my time at Lee World Group, however many of those opportunities would not have happened had I not actively looked to help in some way. I believe that skill will be vital for my future in various areas and future jobs, because being proactive displays a willingness to learn and an interest in the needs of the company.

The biggest takeaway that I have from my experience in Beijing would be the importance of going above and beyond what is asked of me. Talking to my supervisor on the last day at the office, he told me that the main thing that separated me from other interns that have gone through the company was that I would not just do what he asked, but always did a little more. I believe that was vital to my growth within the company, and one of the main reasons I was able to be a part of more major projects.

Fernando Spada

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